Troubleshooting cloud-native applications with Causely

Running large, complex, distributed cloud-native applications is hard. This short demo shows how Causely can help.

In this environment, we are running a number of applications with database servers, caches, in a cluster, multiple services, pods, and containers. At any one point in time, we would be getting multiple alerts showing high latency, high CPU utilization, high garbage collection time, high memorization across multiple microservices. Troubleshooting what is the root cause of each one of these alerts is really difficult.

Causely automatically identifies the root cause and shows how the service that is actually congested causing all of these downstream alerts on its dependent services. Instead of individual teams troubleshooting their respective alerts, the team responsible for this product catalog service can focus on remediating and restoring this service while showing all of the other impacted services, so the teams are aware that their problems are caused by congestion in this service. This can significantly reduce the time to detect and to remediate and restore a service.

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